The polishing out of trace hydrocarbons from unprocessed and partially processed water prior to discharge has always proved a difficult and costly exercise. Dispersed oil , emulsions and the dissolved fraction can now be efficiently,economically and reliably removed using the latest filter media developments from AFL.

ENVirol™ filter cartridges come in many sizes to suit existing housings or can be made specially to order. 

Efficiency and long life at high flow rates were the foremost criteria in the development of these filter products at a competive cost.

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AFL cartridges are manufactured under controlled conditions to produce efficient and high capacity filters.  The primary function of carbon is the removal of chlorine, volatile organic compounds, chlorinated hydrocarbons and organic impurities whilst acting as a mechanical filter for particulate reduction.

Designed to flow radially with a large mesh size they exhibit low pressure drops throughout the cartridge life. The high-flow characteristics are ideally suited to applications where suspended particulate matter is present that would plug a GAC or carbon block type cartridge and a short contact time allows for a high average chlorine and organic reduction.

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String wound filter and pleated cartridges provide a particulate removal solution that has been used in industry for many years.

AFL supplies only the best wound and pleated cartridges manufactured to the highest specification under controlled systems.

A full range of sizes, diameters and micron ratings are available that can accommodate high flow rates and offer fewer cartridge change-outs.

Contact our technical department for detailed recommendations to suit your application.

AFL supplies plastic filter housings that have been manufactured to suit the most rigorous applications and are giving good performance are simple to install and use while offering the best value for money.

AFL also offers a wide range of single and multi cartridge standard and bespoke stainless steel and surface coated metal vessels to suit many applications and requirements. All vessels are supplied with full documentation and certificates of conformity.

Contact our technical department for detailed recommendations to suit your application.

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